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Our Community

Annual Holiday
Food Drive

Now in its 42nd year, Nix and Kinecta worked directly with a diverse list of community-based nonprofit organizations to identify families in need… [Read More]

Annual Holiday Food Drive

On November 20, 2016; 1,000 families received Thanksgiving food items and a $75 grocery gift certificate at our 43rd Annual Holiday Food Drive. More than $98,500 was raised through the generous support of members, employees and customers at Kinecta and Nix locations as well as corporate sponsorship.
On hand at the event to recognize the joint effort between Nix, Kinecta and our community partners were 64th District


Manage Your Money

Paying Less For Necessites

Paying Less for Necessities

Since the Great Recession, many families have found themselves out of work, with fewer hours, or with less income.

Soccal Dec 11

Avoid Wasting Money

Last month when I reached into the back of my pantry in search of something that might qualify as dinner.

Find The Money

Find the Money

Many people look at their debt and think “wow, this is so big I’ll never be able to pay it off.”

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Getting from fired to hired

Whether you were “laid off” because your employer can no longer afford to pay you.